The many faces of 'Digital Art'

I’ve been giving some thought to the remit of this blog - I’m aware that I’ve used the terms CGI and 3D to describe what many people would call ‘digital art’. So I thought I’d try and clarify what exactly it is that interests me. Suffice to say, it’s not digital art, or any of it’s popular synonyms - 'new media’, 'multi-media’ or 'computer art’.

Here’s a link to a tag cloud widget thing from the digital arts website Rhizome. Take a look and you’ll see how vaguely the term 'digital art’ is applied. I’ve no urge to impose order on this wonderful, sprawling mess, but I do find it interesting that so many practitioners of digital art seem to overlook the relation it has to the lineage of traditional art forms.

Anyway, until the dust from a trillion pixels settles on the art world, I can content myself with the idea that on the simplest level, an image will always be an image, whether or not it sings, dances or interacts with me. That’s why this blog has as it’s remit the exploration of those who make images using digital techniques. Keep it simple.

Though that might change, you never know.