The Graveyard

Just picked up on this via Pixelsumo. It’s a short videogame designed by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn which consists of an old lady walking through a graveyard. The aim of the game is to guide (escort?) her through the graveyard to a bench where she can sit. Then we listen to a song about death and graveyards. Then we walk back out with her. Without her dying (in the full version of the game she can die at any moment). I felt like the Grim Reaper, stalking.

There’s an interesting post-mortem of the project here, explaining where the idea came from and how it progressed through production.

I finally realised why people get excited about the crossover between movies and gaming. The Graveyard is a rare example of an experience that’s cinematic *and* interactive, and which does both credibly. It’s an existential reflection on gaming and life that demands you slow down, take in the scenery, appreciate the time it takes to accomplish things.

Take a look at Tale of Tales, Harvey and Samyn’s game company. Some really cool stuff there, all apparently drawing inspiration from folk tales.

Now there’s a thought… folk tales and games… both ways of retelling stories. Hmm.