Talking CGI conference

Found this link yesterday - it’s a film and summary of a conference organised for the Arts and Humanities Board ICT Methods Network (defunct as of March 31st).

The video basically shows four guys in black chatting about CGI technology, techniques, aesthetics and so on.

What I liked were the sentiments of Johnny Hardstaff, who offered a more critical perspective on the effects of CGI. An excerpt from the Panel Report:

“Using deliberate provocateurs like ‘advertising is the artillery of CGI’, and suggesting CGI is the corporate language in ‘scripting reality’, Hardstaff opened up the ideological issues embedded in computer animation aesthetics. Hardstaff, though readily admitting to being seduced by the potential of the applications, was concerned that the easy spectacle or photorealist precision afforded by digital technologies would produce a lack of questioning by audiences, or challenge to audiences. His own work, therefore – often a re-contextualization of established visual idioms – seeks to offer subversive imagery as a model of undermining the corporatization of contemporary visual culture.”

He went to art school, naturally.

He also mentioned Al and Al, who seem worth a look.