'Sweet' by Nick Knight

Here’s a great place to start: an animation by fashion photographer Nick Knight. Knight used a 3d scanner to capture high-density scans of models wearing (what looks like) sweet wrappers, doilies and christmas decorations. It’s a cute film, with a nice soundtrack, and a kind-of broken doll feel to it.

All well and good. But what Knight hadn’t realised is that the foil from the sweet wrappers would interfere with the 3d scanner: the reflective material caused the machine to malfunction: the resultant mesh is full of anomalies - areas where the models heads have been eaten away or appear to explode.

What I found funny was the account of how the technicians running the machine immediately wanted to clean up the mesh to remove the anomalies - something they’re used to doing. Of course, as you can see in from the film, the meshes stayed as they were: imperfect, unexpected, and unusual. Not often you get that in CGI.