Richard Kolker

There’s lots of cool CG artists coming out of the U.S and central Europe (see the sidebar) but I’ve not come across many from the UK. That’s why it’s nice to stumble across Richard Kolker’s work via an interview at Feature Shoot magazine.

Kolker obviously acknowledges the history of art in his CG work and opens CG up to dialogue with photography, painting and sculpture. See especially the ‘Reference/Referents’ series. And if I need to reiterate the reasons that this is a good thing, then you haven’t read any of my other posts! Suffice to say, if you try and research CG art, you mostly get a lot of this, this and this. Which is fine, but it’s essentially all from one very specific sub-genre - fantasy game art. Incidentally, this sub-genre might also be characterised as 'outsider CG’ - a thought that emerged today after seeing Morton Bartlett’s work at the Alternative Guide to the Universe exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. More on that in my next post.