I’m currently working on an animation for Channel 4’s short film strand Random Acts, commissioned via Animate Projects and Lupus Films. It’s a project that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, as evidenced in this previous post. It airs sometime in March and I’m at the previz stage now. I have to say, I’m really thrilled that I’m getting the chance to breathe a bit of life into a concept that I’ve been in love with for ages.

The idea is to use the ‘Z-depth’ pass (or 'Luminance Depth’ pass or 'Depth Matte’, depending on your renderer) for the final animation. I love the Z-depth pass for the fact that it’s primarily utilitarian but also unique and atmospheric. So that was my starting point. I then thought about shit that would look good if rendered with Z-depth, which started a few ideas off. Then I thought more about what the Z-depth effect suggested as a mode of seeing. I’ve always been into art that explores other ways of seeing (miscroscopy, satellite images, astronomy, MRI scans and so on) so I thought I’d try and exploit the natural qualities of Z-depth. Finally, some would say foolishly, I began thinking about stories. And now all that stuff is coming together as a 3-minute film about the Apocalypse. Set somewhere that looks a bit like Birmingham. No zombies though.