Strata #3 - Excerpt from Quayola on Vimeo.

Found this via Top 10 list by Jon. It’s by Quayola, a multimedia digital artist from London. It’s beautifully executed - an excellent motion graphics piece that takes certain Processing techniques that have been prevalent over the past year or so and really exemplifies how to do them properly. That said, I’m not too taken with the blurb on the site, including: “…the term Strata defines a geological formation made of multiple layers of rock. Each one of these layers has its own individual characteristics and history, which combined produce beautiful and unique formations… ”

My background in Fine Art kinda makes me sensitive to blurb/blurbing/abuses of blurb. More often than not blurb is tagged on the work to quickly elevate a piece from aesthetic to intellectual or conceptual. I’m not sure that this piece is intellectual per se - it’s technically interesting, but not really a comment on culture or art history. In fact, it almost comes across as a promotional video for a Processing toolkit. And that’s no bad thing. But triangularising classical painting does not automatically make that piece a lasting comment on culture. It does, however, make it look shit hot.