Can I just say that there are no words to express this piece adequately. I came away from a screening of this trying to articulate why it couldn’t be articulated. It sparked off quite a conversation, which is hard when the conversation is why something is hard to talk about.

It’s a vision of hell. It’s relentless. It won the big prize at Ars Electronica. Presumably because after watching this, the jury found the prospect of watching yet another film about a fluffy character doing something heartwarming a little… umm… irrelevant.

The other fucking AMAZING thing about watching this film was that I saw it at a screening at the Austrian Cultural Forum as part of a touring exhibition of the best of Ars Electronica animation. So it was attended by the sort of ambassadorial crowd that are expected to attend touring cultural exhibitions. After the torturous 8 minutes were over, the real payoff was watching the reactions on the faces of the assorted dignitaries. The greying lady with the twinset and pearls managed to keep a lid on it, I have to say. That is until the animation about a fly giving a woman an orgasm came on.