Jasper Elings is the Banksy of GIFS

Jasper Elings is doing some interesting animated gifs. Maybe interesting is not the word. Moronic? Puerile? Debased? Tacky? Whatever, they’re surefire internet survivers.

What is interesting is the turntable motion he often plays with. It’s obviously an established gif convention to simply revolve things, but the turntable is also the de facto method of showing off 3D models. If you google ‘3D turntable’ you’ll see a lot of guns, babes, orcs and armoured vehicles along with the odd gun-babe-orc in armoured vehicle (mmmm, fighting *and* sex!). Just as picture frames, white cubes and plinths are the invisible supports for painting and sculpture, the turntable is becoming a support for 3D imagery. Perhaps that’s why I think the work has a grain of reflexivity in it. Along with the consciously liberal use of stock 3D library models embellished with cocks and boobs. That’s got you interested, hasn’t it?! Welcome to the age of the internet.

Here’s a non-sexy Cowboy as an example of the turntable convention:


Have a look at Jasper Elings Tumblr, why don’t you? He’s basically Banksy in gif form.