Inaction in Space

I found this clip when I was nerding out on Battlestar Galactica VFX trivia. I’m a fan of the latest version of the show, and the effects are excellent, but this animation caught my eye because there’s no action in it. I’ve always wanted to make a CG space film without any action, that simply consists of the view from a spaceship. Like the equivalent of a moving landscape painting. In space. In CG.

Perhaps it’s the effect of growing up with Star Wars toys and spending hours dreaming about the Death Star and Cloud City. Being a placid, delicate child, I wasn’t obsessed with the huge action scenes - I got immersed in the scenery and the sets.

Surely there was some cabin on a Star Destroyer with a little kid in it, just staring out into space, watching the ships go by. But he was probably blown up with the rest of the Imperial fleet while Mark Hamill survived. Pah.