New fashioned filth. Dirty, but pixel perfect.

Virtual porn is no longer shuffling 16-bit avatars in a clunky chatroom. It is vector-perfect cybersex.

CG nerds spend weeks and months and years crafting their ultimate fantasy woman. The write mathsy code for her butt, her hips, her hair. There’s bounce for the tits (and jiggle, and wobble) and she comes with a great basic walk, subsurface scattering, and 4K textures.

Private pornographers, rapidly prototyping, evolving and abstracting their fantasies of flesh: hair length, hair colour, hair shininess, hair flyawayness. Detach the head! Cinch the waist! Your model is very flexible! Scrub and start over if you get tired!

On the other hand, there are some artists that spend months crafting something mundane and perfect. They don’t enhance reality, they play it down, keep it looking dirty and common and domestic. This image above is a vector perfect, hyperreal, reader’s wife.

It’s a very good job but it’s a wonderful, laboured kind of pedestrian romance. A bit like Craig Kalpakjian's dustbin. It’s constructed beautifully, but is a mundane image. There are no double Z cartoon breasts.

But she is pixel perfect. Render perfect. The meshes are as sturdy as a piece of industrial design. You could probably 3D print this out right now. Or you could make a cloth sim to loosen the lingerie. In your bedroom, by yourself, every night. You weirdo. I love you.