Can CGI be Fine Art?

There’s probably lots of artists out there, both CG and traditional, who believe that their work straddles the two disciplines of fine art and computer generated imagery.

I won’t debate that just yet (give me time, though, and I’m coming after you guys! ;-) However, I do believe that CGI lacks experimentation. This is one of the things I’ll be looking at - experimental CGI: what happens when the tools break, when the render kicks up something unexpected, when a unique CG artist comes along looking to do something new and different.
I’m also interested in how CGI might engage with some of the issues that affect contemporary painting - representation, realism, expression, markmaking, colour.

I’ll also be looking at the issue from the other side of the divide: how contemporary painters, printmakers or photographers use or reference CGI. I’m not talking about all those thousands of fine artists who have just discovered Photoshop and go crazy with filters and layers: this way does not lie innovation. I’m interested in artists who have an understanding of the potential of CGI and how it might affect and change the issues of fine art just as photography and film did so a hundred years ago.

Here goes.